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High quality paper made for true art:

Unless otherwise stated, all illustrations are created exclusively on matte fine art Original Gmund Vergé paper with an antique striped structure. Original Gmund Vergé is a very fine and high class type of paper that exudes a degree of pomp and circumstance, only to please the discerning art-lover.

Original Gmund Vergé is environmentally friendly, wood free, acid-free, pH neutral and also added a pinch of cotton to give it extra finesse.

Musa paradisiaca L II (Banan) another vintage banana poster



product description:

Musa paradisiaca L, more commonly known as Plantain or Banana, from the work Plantae selectae 1750.

The Banana (Musa x paradisiaca) is a perennial, but as it reaches such large dimensions it is often called a tree. The bananas are in fact, berries, which (in wild state) contain many large seeds.

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