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High quality paper made for true art:

Unless otherwise stated, all illustrations are created exclusively on matte fine art Original Gmund Vergé paper with an antique striped structure. Original Gmund Vergé is a very fine and high class type of paper that exudes a degree of pomp and circumstance, only to please the discerning art-lover.

Original Gmund Vergé is environmentally friendly, wood free, acid-free, pH neutral and also added a pinch of cotton to give it extra finesse.

Balaena mysticetus – Bowhead whale – Greenland whale



product description:

The Bowhead whale grow 18 meters long and weigh up to 100 ton, it lives in the in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters. Other names for the Bowhead whale are Greenland right whale, Arctic whale, steeple-top, polar whale, or Russian whale. The Bowhead whales are considered to be the oldest mammal, they are believed to get up to 150-200 years old. There have been captured Bowhead whales with harpoon ‘arrowheads’ stuck in them dated back to the late 1800s.


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