About Anhalt Vintage

Anhalt Vintage is part of a small Scandinavian artisan workshop, located at 55° North and 11° East.
Here, Anhalt is passionate about replicating, reusing and redesigning old beautiful illustrations from old books, posters, maps and more.

Anhalt Vintage and supporters are looking through the beautiful art and cultural heritage that still exists around the world in libraries, local archives, museums and many other places, always searching for the most beautiful and interesting illustrations.
The illustrations are photographed and digitized. Certain old injuries are digitally repaired, and the illustrations are to some extent cleaned of the worst damage of time. However, always for the purpose of preserving the authenticity and the entire vintage feel of the old illustrations.

Some illustrations we attempt to keep as close to the original as possible, while others are edited more creatively, and even some may be included as elements in the workshop’s own creative works.

As far as possible, Anhalt Vintage will try to recreate as many illustrations as possible in to poster size, so all the old artwork can (re)live a new dignified life on the walls of homes, offices, shops, etc. worldwide, and maybe even beautify one of the many walls of your own everyday life.

Anhalt Vintage preserves the past for the future.

Private Hobby Enterprise

Anhalt Vintage has so far been a private hobby enterprise, which functions by the means of my own self-interest, therefore Anhalt Vintage is not yet registered as a company.
Registration as a business becomes a reality the day that income and expenses reaches a level where the authorities demands it, or the day I get the opportunity to invest considerable time and money into it, of course with the purpose of creating a business.
Until that day, Anhalt Vintage will continue as a private hobby enterprise. however, I will work to provide the same security options for you in the best possible way, to ensure that you get a good experience, and want to come back.